Ohio Northern Men's Soccer in Europe

August 1-12, 2019 - Barcelona and Lloret de Mar, Spain and Carcassonne, France

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Day 1 - Aug. 1 - Team flies overnight Barcelona, Spain.

Day 2 - Aug. 2 - Sightseeing in Barcelona, then transfer to Guitart Hotel Rosa in Lloret de Mar

The team will visit the Olympic Village and the famous Las Ramblas during the afternoon before transferring to the hotel in Lloret del Mar.

Day 3 - Aug. 3 - Guided bus tour of Barcelona - | Photos |

Players will take a guided bus tour of Barcelona.

Day 4 - Aug. 4 - Training session in the morning, then back to Barcelona and a tour of Camp Nou stadium and tickets to watch FC Barcelona from La Liga host Arsenal of thre English Premier League. - | Photos |

The Polar Bears will have a training session in the morning in Lloret del Mar, then bus back to Barcelona for a tour of the famous Camp Nou, which is the home stadium of FC Barcelona. Later that night, the team will watch FC Barcelona host Arsenal in a preseason friendly.

Day 5 - Aug. 5 - Game Day #1 - Sightseeing in Besalu in the afternoon prior to a match at Les Preses in the evening. - | Photos |

Day 5 will feature a day trip with a guided tour Besalu, famous for its conbblestone streets and Roman bridge leading to the center of town. After the tour, the team will play its first matches of the trip against teams from CF Les Preses.

Day 6 - Aug. 6 - A day trip to Montserrat Mountain to visit the legendary Black Madonna is on the schedule in the morning. After the tour, a training session with a professional club will happen in the afternoon. - | Photos |

Set atop a 4,000-ft. mountain, 7 miles long and 3.5 miles wide, Montserrat is one of the most improtant pilgrimage religious sites in Spain. A training session with the coaching staff of LaLiga member RCD Espanyol is on tap for the afternoon.

Day 7 - Aug. 7 - Game Day #2 - The team will travel to Stiges in the morning prior to a match with Sant Pol in the evening - | Photos | Story |

The Polar Bears will travel to the vibrant resort town of Stiges on the south coact of Barcelona in the morning and early afternoon. In the evening, the Polar Bears will play a match against CF Sant Pol.

Day 8 - Aug. 8 - After training in the morning, the players will take a guided boat tour of the Costa Brava in the afternoon - | Photos |

After a training session in the morning, the team will take a guided boat tour out on the Mediterranean Sea of the Costa Brava region of northeast Spain.

Day 9 - Aug. 9 - Game Day #3 - Ohio Northern had an intrasquad scrimmage at the home of SF Lloret de Mar - | Photos |

The Gray team, selected and led by captain John Strnasty, defeated the Black Team, selected and led by captain Luke Fickenworth 4-2 in the 2019 Copa de Mar Intersquad Scrimmage.

Day 10 - Aug. 10 - Day trip to Carcassonne, France - | Photos |

The Polar Bears will take a day trip north to Carcassonne, a medieval village in the south of France.

Day 11 - Aug. 11 - The final full day in Spain will be spent enjoying the beaches and town of Lloret de Mar - | Photos | 

Day 12 - Aug. 12 - The team will depart Barcelona for its return flight home.

For more information, contact ONU Director of Sports Information Tim Glon at 419-772-2046 or t-glon@onu.edu.