ONU Club Sports

Ohio Northern offers a very active and dynamic club sports program meeting the needs of some 200+ ONU students who want to stay active in previous sports they have participated in during high school or to explore the opportunity to try a new sport. Activities for club sports range from practices to improve skills to competition against state, regional or national competition against other colleges and universities from across the U.S. For more information on any of ONU current club sports team, please contact team representatives listed below.

Club sports are overseen by policies administered by both the Athletics Department and the Student Affairs division of ONU and all club sports must complete the appropriate university paperwork to be an officially recognized ONU student-sponsored organization.  If you are interested in starting a new club sport program at ONU, please contact Brian HofmanAsst. Director of Athletics for Club Sports and Recreational Activities, at b-hofman@onu.edu.

2013-14 Club Sports and Contacts


Chelsey D’Ambrosio (c-dambrosio@onu.edu)


Carmen Cano (c-cano@onu.edu)

Ice Hockey

Brett Wonders (b-wonders@onu.edu)
Wes Woodruff (w-woodruff@onu.edu)

Lacrosse - Men

Brian Slabe (b-slabe@onu.edu)
Eric Sklenar (e-sklenar@onu.edu)

Lacrosse - Women

Mary Stanick (m-stanick@onu.edu)
Gabriella Gegenheimer (g-gegenheimer@onu.edu)

Rugby - Men

Ryan Jackson (r-jackson.1@onu.edu)
Kent Utterback (k-utterback@onu.edu)

Rugby – Women

Bridget Davis (b-davis@onu.edu)
Meg Mowers (m-mowers@onu.edu)

Soccer - Men

Nick Holtom (n-holtom@onu.edu)
Keaton Morris (k-morris.1@onu.edu)

Soccer - Women

Mary Stancik (m-stancik@onu.edu)


Brittane McCann (b-mccann@onu.edu)
Lyndsay Albert (l-albert@onu.edu)

Ultimate Frisbee - Men

Cole Hughes (c-hughes.3@onu.edu)
Corey North (c-north.1@onu.edu)
Bill Theisen, Coach (w-theisen@onu.edu)

Ultimate Frisbee - Women

Kelsey Lindsley (k-lindsey@onu.edu)
Alex Hartsel (a-hartsel@onu.edu)

Volleyball - Men

Chris Tweed (c-tweed@onu.edu)

Volleyball - Women

Samantha Hartings (s-hartings.1@onu.edu)
Lauren Stahl (l-stahl@onu.edu)

Water Polo

JC Schroeder (j-schroeder.15@onu.edu)